Nicholas Eager


Husband, Photographer, Film-maker, and Adventurer


Explore. Capture. Share.

Whether it’s chasing the golden hour off the coast, pitching a tent above the tree-line, or hunting clouds at the fringes of the day, you’ll find Nicholas with his camera. Nicholas’ adventurous spirit, mixed with a strong determination, is an attestation to his passion to capture the world around him and share it with others.

“Capturing the most beautiful moments, and going on epic adventures, is meaningless if you can’t share that beauty with others.” - Nicholas Eager

Who is Nicholas?

Nicholas is a international adventure film-maker and photographer. He spends a lot of his time exploring and documenting exciting and unique locations, activities, and cultures. He loves to travel to remote or challenging environments to capture footage and photos of adventurous activities such as mountain climbing or backpacking and camping. He is responsible for all aspects of the filmmaking process, including planning and executing shoots, as well as editing and post-production work. He is driven by a desire to share my experiences and inspire others to pursue their own adventures.

Nicholas started his journey in the world in the middle of nowhere, USA. Being in a flat, landlocked, and corn-filled part of the world did have its benefits: the urge to see the world was unrelenting. During university, he decided to study abroad in Hong Kong, which nurtured his love for understanding cultures on the other side of the world, exploring the path less-traveled, and of course photography and filmmaking.

After spending a few years to focus on his career, he quit his full-time job to spend a year traveling the world. He volunteered in Nepal building a school for five months, worked on a permaculture farm in Indonesia, traveled to Japan, Iceland, China, Vietnam, and New Zealand. These initial travels further cemented his love for travel, landscape photography and story-telling.

Later on, Nicholas moved to Vietnam to marry the love of his life and continue his passion for photography. Nowadays, Nicholas and his wife are living in Vietnam, where he spends his time focusing on freelance software development and photography.

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